BOSSERT Perfection in industrial technology.

As well as the realisation of sophisticated project in the insulation, nuclear technology and medical technology we, at BOSSERT, also develop and construct custom-fit solutions for other major companies in a variety of industries.

For the production of seals in the automotive industry, all international manufacturers rely on the IT device developed and produced by us for the important quality checks of their products. Each produced material for seals in the internal combustion engine sector is tested for its technological suitability with this test equipment made by BOSSERT.

The test with our IT device is specified by the manufacturers in accordance with the respective standards. Our measuring device allows precise investigation results and thus allows the highest quality standards.

We are the best specialists for complex tasks.
Others will have to provide simple solutions – we are specialised to implement great complexities and optimise the production processes of our principals with the aid of our modules and structural components. We construct and produce prototypes and samples as well as individual modules or complex assembly groups in accordance with the diverse concept of our international clientele. The devices developed by us contribute to the improvement and simplification of our principals’ production processes. The details provide the difference.


Competent experts in a motivated team.
In small, effective teams, our highly educated employees develop optimal solutions for the complex requests of our successful clientele. Our experts are in constant direct contract with the principals during the development and production phase. This facilitates fast and successful project management and excludes misunderstandings.

As we take on the design as well as the production of prototypes, coordination issues between brilliant idea and perfect execution are excluded as BOSSERT.
Our specialists know about the efficient production of a prototype as early as during the development phase. Our construction and project planning staff solves problems with state of the art CAD/CAM systems. Experienced experts also analyse the functionality of existing equipment and assist in the elimination of error sources in the further work process.
We realise perfection in the detail.