BOSSERT Perfection in nuclear technology.

We at BOSSERT are specialists for the professional development of complex systems.

High quality production, component testing and documentation with 3D measuring machines as well as precise installation, we offer comprehensive solutions rarely found in others.

Our international principals benefit from our comprehensive service; as well as project management, we also take over the entire material and standard parts purchase (upon request, with EN 10204-2.1 or 3.1B certificates). With our modules and structural components, we always deliver first class quality.
We realise perfection in the detail.

Under strict compliance with the respective standards and laws, we produce single components and modules in the nuclear technology sector. Our particular strength is the combination of different materials, creating complex systems with impeccable functionality.

Highest security specifications and utmost quality.
BOSSERT is certified according to DIN ISO 90001. We are TÜV certified, which permits us to re-stamp materials. We are authorised to issue re-stamping certificates.

All important data and confidential documentation of our clients are multiply secured throughout all projects.

We always comply with utmost safety regulations and highest quality requirements in all orders.