BOSSERT Perfection in insulation materials.

We develop, construct and produce complex components and modules for the production of insulation materials.

At BOSSERT, we produce structural elements which are now utilised in the production of high quality insulations. These are manufactured in our own production under constant further development. We are the only international supplier of some of these highly technical elements.

We are particularly specialised in combining various materials, thus creating complex systems which guarantee impeccable functionality.

For the production of materials for heat and sound insulation, all international producers rely on the Fasonaire device developed and produced by us for the important quality checks. All manufactured insulation wool is examined with respect to quality by this test device made by BOSSERT. Our measuring device provides precise results and thus delivers highest quality standards.

As a modern traditional company, we develop solutions designed in the smallest detail and always at the latest state of technology.
We guarantee perfection in the detail.

Energy efficiency and sustainability
With the manufacture of structural components and modules as well as measuring and test devices for the production of insulation materials, we contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability. In this manner, the complete engineering of BOSSERT makes an important contribution to the international climate protection with its design and construction as well as production and installation.